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Trine - start of the academy hallways

“The rendering is gorgeous! it may be a 2d platformer but things move as though they are in 3d and there is physics and... squee!”

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Trine (PC)

Release Date: 02/JUL/09
Emblem for Genome

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i have never played or seen this game before
It's called 2.5D. And yes, this game is pretty much awesome on so many levels. The graphics, the story (especially I liked narrative between levels), physics puzzles and co-op.

My only complaint was that the Knight is not very useful when you have Thief and Magician at your disposal. These two are pretty much everything I used throughout all the game.
looks fancy :P
@deathscythehellcustom: It's for PC and PS3 and it's very fun little game that you should play (at least, try the demo).
It looks a lot like SaGa Frontier.
It's gorgeous! And the use of physics puzzles is a nice touch too.

Interesting how many games like this come to the PC from the PS3 or similar
@snipergirl: Actually, this particular game were released on PC long before it was ported to PS3 ;)
@13xforever actually that's even MORE interesting!

It's nice to see the comeback of some of the old, familiar genres :)
@LordXenophon It does share a lot of visual ascetics with Saga Frontier
This is art. In this game (Trine), every single screen looks like a living painting and is outright gorgeous.
The colors Duke, the COLORS!!!
Yeah 2d platformers have been working on this 3d background stuff lately and I'm glad to see it's coming along well. If I had a better PC I'd be playing this game for sure.
sounds awesome :)
yeah 2d graphics can be every bit as good looking as 3d on modern hardware. This is very pretty.
that's beautiful
On older platforms, the 2D games often looked far better than the 3D games. I'm sure you're old enough to remember when the only way to get the processor time for 3D was to give up useless things like color and opacity.
yeah SNES sidescroller games did look better than the N64 blocky/fuzzy ones.
I was thinking even farther back than that.

Do you remember when we had fancy, 8 bit color graphics for our 2D platformers, but a typical 3D game was just green and made of straight lines?
@snipergirl I'd heard about this game a month or so back, but had forgotten to check it out. Your pic made me get the demo, so thanks for the screenshot! :D
I remember those days. It brings back memories....
Yeah. Memories of a long forgotten reason, other than laundry, for carrying a roll of quarters.
Speaking of 2d to 3d... it certainly applies to RTS's from not that long ago.

IMHO, starcraft is stunning compared with warcraft 3 which I think looks pretty crappy.
two of the best shooters were 2d (with 1 being semi 2d adn 3d at the same time)

Contra and Shadow Complex
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