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every now and then i realise i am killing these poor creatures in their own homes!

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snipergirl said...
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You're in their home, killing their dudes.
I am such an asshole
@snipergirl are you killing them for their loot or because they pose a threat?

Or are you doing it just for kicks? xD
hell, why else would i be playin' torchlight other than for kicks :D
The most sad part in this raiding of their houses is that someday, you'll be praised as a hero. Stupid humans! But if a monster is doing this that is so bad! Sissies!
If the monsters are living there, it's called a "lair."
@LordXenophon And how do monsters call our houses/villages/cities? I bet it is something vulgar.
The prey's lair?
I totally destroyed the humans' PENISES the other day
Before you killed them-- did you tell em to "stick em up"?
@teemo please no bad puns Q_Q
@snipergirl Penises or Penii?
The monsters call our houses the "pantry."
@mishy it would have to be penes, not penii
@snipergirl I like messing with ya :P
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