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Alpha Protocol, huh? (From makers of BG, BG2, Fallout)

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snipergirl said...
So, what do you guys think of this? Will it be any good? Spy RPG from the makers of BG, BG2, fallout 1&2, NWN2, KoTOR 2....

It looks pretty tight... wondering whether it'll be a little like Mass Effect in that you have a specific character rather than a customised one. It's apparently Obsidian's first game of their *own* franchise in a veeeeeeery long time.
Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 25/MAY/10
Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 25/MAY/10
Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol (PS3)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 25/MAY/10
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I haven't heard about custom characters, only the ability to tweak your character's specialties and approaches. It looks like the same role either way. It is one I would definitely check out.
@rawkr Yup, I'm pretty sure everyone plays as the same guy (Michael Thorton) but they can customize their skills and such to their own playstyle. I also think you can customize Michael's face a bit, but nothing drastic like what you can do with Commander Shepard in Mass Effect.
I don't know yet. I've heard on some of the pre-release vids the voice over is a little stale and blandish. I don't know yet. Maybe.

And maybe if I have some extra dough lying around then.
Not a fan of Spy RPGs so it's a miss for me
I don't think I've ever heard of or played any computer spy RPGs b4!
@Mishy Being the curious type I will be checking it out. To this day, Mass Effect has eluded any serious play for me but this has piqued my interest.
I think its giong to be one of the betters games this year (atleast i think it will release in 2010?)
I really like spy games, so im defintly going to buy it :D
I think, like most Obsidian games, it'll probably be released fairly buggy, but the story will be an absolute masterpiece.
Whooo! Spy RPG! I just hope there won't be any cutted content like in KotOR II.
@Mishy How many spy RPGs have there been, and why was I not informed?
@Fausk I was thinking the same thing, most Obsidian games are quite buggy although they did pull the game from its November release to June so I have high hopes the bugs will be minimal.

True RPG spy games? I don't think there is any. I know of games that use RPG elements but they are not true RPGs.

As for Alpha Protocol it looks fun, the voice acting from what I've heard and seen is kind of boring but the combat and how you interact with people looks fun. So I'm looking forward to getting it.
@DarthOdium I'm more worried about Fallout: New Vegas. Bethesda's games already tend to crash fairly often on PC, and now you're putting Obsidian behind the helm of Bethesda's engine. But again, I'll play it, and love it, for the stories that only Obsidian seems capable of telling.
@Fausk That's very true since my Star Wars KOTOR 2 game no longer works on my Xbox. I hope Fallout: New Vegas doesn't end up like that too.
I've watched some vids on it. From what I've seen it doesn't look that bad.
I want to get into Alpha Protocol, mainly because KoToR II was a good game. (Obviously not better than BioWare's.)

Like others have said, I am worried about the bugginess, so I might wait for a patch to be released, like with KoToR II, that finished the game and fixed some bad bugs.
I read about it in pc gamer looks pretty slick
I reckon that NWN2 was better and had a better storyline than NWN ... NWN had a pretty sucky storyline, which is not the usual output from bioware! bioware wtf!!!
Yes i completed NWN2 good story
2-3 days to go!
I Think Alpha Protocol has the potential to be a really good game. Keyword there is "potential" All too often we see developers who go out to make their own IP and then they fall flat on their face. However judging from the trailers and gameplay footage I think Alpha Protocol will do just fine.
The voice acting in the trailer was adequate, better than Two Worlds. On a side note though, the VOs in Just Cause 2 make Two Worlds look Oscar-worthy!
@garrus92 I agree. Just look at KotoR II. Yeah it was a great experience storywise. But Obsidian cut way too much shit from it to make room for other things that we could have done without. Certain skill sets and so forth. I for one wanted to know why I couldn't go explore HK47's past (the HK50's were supposed to lead you to a secret HK Factory on Telos)

There's more, a LOT more. But I'm too tired to list them all. I just hope they don't cut shit out so the story makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine.

That would suck.
hmmm... early reviews not so positive...
Hmm it's ranking is 68.33% I had a feeling it would end up getting reviews like this. I'm still up for playing but if it end up being as bad it will end up on my shelf.




well, it's looking like a a call between "crap graphics", "damn good story", and "frustrating mechanics"

So for me, probably a buy when it's in the bin. But not a rush-out-with-60-bucks game. I was hoping for something better. Shame really.
The words "Espionage RPG" just gave it away... at first I was pretty skeptical about that and how this game will play but after trying it and having to endure an hour or two of gameplay I can safely assume that my fears are very much correct...

Long story short: IT SUCKS!!!!

What with the buggy gameplay and an animation that only a high-school kid can do I can't say anymore else... It's a shame really coz this come from the same guys who bbrought as gems like Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights...

I'll just forgive em for trying....
@snipergirl I played this game for several hours last night. Its very similar to ME2, Kind of imagine ME2 but with spies over aliens. I really really like this game, I may be a bit predijuice only beacuse its been a long time sense i played a game where sneaking around and long perfect heatshots value more then just running and gunning.

If you like spy movies/games, I think you'll love this game. If you love to run and gun, Buy something else IMHO :)
I'm going to check it out, but the reviews being fair to downright shitty, I'll wait a bit before actually picking it up. More than likely it will be on my parade of rentals.
bottom line seems to be... great story, deeply flawed but enjoyable when it's not frustrating you.

might be a borrow for me too.

a little disappointed, was hoping that obsidian would pull a great tour de force! however, as one of the reviews pointed out... obsidian is a really small studio. they don't have the budget or time as yet to do that. so, i guess a 70% for them is a reasonable start- though one they'll have to build on!
@snipergirl The Fallout franchise is in their hands, I hope AP suffered because they are putting the bulk of their resources into New Vegas. For them not to will cause us all horrible pain...
Just got it.

Really having a blast with thisun.
@samanoskeake That gives me hope that it can still be fun despite being heavily flawed. Thanks man.
kind of wonder if they'll release bugfixing patches which will make it awesome to buy in the not too long future.

i'm totally torn!
Kinda like Mercs 2, or Just Cause 2...
Well Im about 1/2 way through of the game, and the only bug/glitch I've noticed is on occasion I can see guy on the floor above me by there shadows on the ceiling.. But this is only within a certain range of them and its not a bug I mind as it helps out :p

But as a guy said earlier about it being heavily flawed I'm not sure what he's talking about?

Also the shooting style on most guns is like mercs or just cause but when you put any type of scope onto your guns zoom makes it more fluent.
Yeah, actually.

There've been broken games released before, and they've been bad (KoTOR II, Mercs 2, ect.), but this is nowhere near that level of incomplete.
!YaY! I win :p well I beat the game.. Honestly I'm feeling pretty good, IMHO I think the game well extremely well thought out and produced 1 thing that really irritated me was "Mike" had the same voice as ME2. Not a big deal if you didn't play that game much or beat it like me, And at first I didn't even notice but boy towards the end it was really killing me. Besides that, everything was good.

Now I'm going to beat the game on Veteran and be a total DBag to everyone just to see how that plays out :)
Btw the game took more then 20hours to complete, Maybe its only 20 if you dont sneak around and try to find everything hidden for upgrades. But if you werent sneaking around, Then its not really a spy game now is it.”
@robmcg125 Depends whether you take the James Bond or Harry Tasker approach.
Technically, it's .... remedial...
interestingly, the pc score on metascore is higher than for consoles... and is increasing.

may have to just wait until they release a patch or two, then consider it...
1/2 way thru beating it a second time.. Pistols are amazing in this game. First time running thru I used AR and Shotty decent enough as AR offers silent bullets to use for stealth, But the shotty seriously lacks almost any use. So I'm running with pistol and sub machine guns now. Pistols slow time move is so OP it makes the game way to easy, But its still fun as hell. IMO use pistol maxed + stealth maxed + the skill to reset the CD on all skills and OP OP OP is the way to go :)
Got the game yesterday and started playing it. It's a fun game if you ask me. Storyline is excellent. Sure the gameplay is a little buggy, but nothing too serious that I wouldn't recommend playing it.
The game is so nice I beat it twice :) GG seriously
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