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snipergirl's gameplay for Torchlight (PC)

snipergirl played Torchlight

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snipergirl said...
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There is just a really really satisfying CRUNCH when you cast spells and whack monsters in this game <3. Makes the lack of story completely irrelevant

Torchlight (PC)

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55 minutes
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I played this awhile ago. Agree about the story thing. But randomly roaming around killing monsters does make up for it.
sometimes all you wanna do is go around and whack some monsters for 2 hours.
Yea I have to give it to you as well... mind numbing beat downs are great... and... it almost in a way has a story... I actually paid not attention to it at all lol.
That makes it sound like the games you find on those old arcade cabinets.
not as hard as old arcade games!
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