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snipergirl's gameplay for Torchlight (PC)

snipergirl played Torchlight

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snipergirl said...
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Played it for the first time! fun game :)

Torchlight (PC)

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Funny how I've noticed it today and was immediately tempted to go back and play it again. But I must resist! I have too much unfinished games yet >.<
Have you played it much? I hope it doesn't turn into a grind (my problem with D2)
@snipergirl Well, I killed the end boss once and started the bonus dungeon (16 hours total, according to Steam). I wouldn't say it wears on me (you come by different dungeon types every five levels or so) with unique bosses at their end.

And you don't have to grind in order to get shiny items to progress further either. Plus, you can easily sell all the loot without hoping back and forth.

Overall, I think it was the most fun dungeon crawler that I've ever played.
Can't wait for T2 and co-op. :D
Ooh, totally even more excited to play now!
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